Theatrequip are experienced designers and manufacturers of technical theatre and stage equipment for the theatrical industry.

Our extensive experience and knowledge is our key to success. We value being able to offer information and contacts to help with anything relating to stage, theatre and studio.

If we do not carry a product or do the type of work you are looking for, chances are we will know who does or where you will find it. So please, do not hesitate to contact us for help with all your stage and theatre equipment enquiries.

Theatre Equipment Engineering & Design

We are able to help with design, stage layout, specialist information and engineered equipment for use in any performance venue or performance space, including theatres and studios. From initial concept through to final installation we are able to help with any stage and theatre requirements.

Specialist Theatrical Drapes Sewing

We don’t do just the easy stuff! Our highly skilled sewing staff are able to manufacture unique and odd shaped theatrical drapes and stage curtains. We also manufacture custom-made one-off items such as large shaped floor cloths, contoured spiral staircase curtains, exhibition features, as well as logo or feature applique.

Stage Machinery Fabrication / Manufacture

Every performance venue, will have different requirements and Theatrequip
are specialists when it comes to the fabrication and manufacture of purpose-built stage and theatre equipment and machinery.

Theatre Equipment Maintenance Service / Breakdown Service

Keep your performance venue equipment in good condition to avoid last minute equipment failures. Our highly trained technical staff not only install, but also maintain and service all theatre and stage equipment and machinery. Contact us today for more information about our stage and theatre equipment maintenance service.




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