Holdon Fasteners

Holdon Fasteners for stage and theatre
Holdon Fasteners

Instant clip on eyelets.
Cyc stretching – no eyelets, no puncture or fabric damage. Apply in seconds, reusable and re-locatable.


Holdon mini (40x35x10mm) 20kg* capacity 2mm grip
Holdon midi (70x40x18mm) 50kg* capacity 6mm grip

(* The manufacturer recommends maximum loads of twice that indicted above. However the manufacturers lab test results indicate that some samples failed at loads only marginally above those recommended – we would thus limit loads to those shown above.)

Velcro One Wrap Straps

Velcro One Wrap Straps
Velcro One Wrap Straps

Velcro® brand
No tape or ties, hang drapes, manage cable etc.
Fast set up, self griping, reusable 100’s of times.


19mm x 200mm (19mm head, 175 x 12mm strap)
25mm x 200mm (25mm head, 165 x 16mm strap)
25mm x 300mm (25mm head, 265 x 16mm strap)

Spanfix – Bungees

Spanfix - Bungees for stage and theatre
Spanfix – Bungees

Shock Cord Loop and Hook.
Hook with 250mm 4mm shock cord loop.
Stretch approximately 100%.
Use for cyclorama stretching and constant tension screen lacing.
Hooks also available loose.
Colours: black and white

VB cord

Stage and Theatre VB Cord
VB Cord

Size: 3.5mm diameter
Colours: black & white
VB Cord is supplied on rolls or can be supplied pre-cut.