We have supplied this area to help give a general understanding of the principles, construction and  operation of stage and theatre curtains and stage curtain tracking systems. It is hoped that it will provide some useful information to help lay out a stage or studio. Or at least, give some idea what should be provided.

Theatrequip also offers the ability to assist in the design and other specifications requirements that your theatre, stage or other performance project may have. For further information please contact us.

Stage Curtain Layout

Typical stage curtain and track layout to achieve a fully dressed stage. Main stage curtains can be of various types. In addition to providing a decorative cover for the proscenium opening, the main curtain must be opaque enough to obscure the stage lighting and deaden the sound of scene changes. More about Stage Layout

Flame Retardant

Stage curtain fabrics we offer fall into three categories for flame retardancy. Fabrics are tested in accordance with AS 1530 part 2 & 3* and meet the required indices for a class 9b building used as a place of public entertainment, as stipulated by the Building Code of Australia (BCA). More about Flame Retardancy

Curtain Maintenance

Stage and theatre curtain fabrics have a limited life and factors such as UV light exposure, humidity and traffic may further reduce useful life of your stage and theatre curtain fabrics. More about Curtain Maintenance