Stage Machinery Design and Manufacture

Theatrequip design and manufacture a wide range of stage equipment and stage machinery. Stage machinery includes those devices which assist with theatrical effects, such as:

  • Purpose built stage floors
  • Retractable thrust stages
  • Orchestra lifts
  • Elevated platforms
  • Stage revolves
  • Stage traps
  • Counterweight systems
  • Motorised systems (flying systems, lighting bars and tracking systems)
  • Lighting bars & Studio lighting grids
  • Rigid fire safety curtains
  • Stage trucks or stage wagons
  • Specialist equipment
  • Large acoustic doors
  • Truss (ladder, tri and box truss)
Stage equipment and stage machinery design and manufacture
Stage Machinery

Stage Machinery Installation and Maintenance

Theatrequip can install and maintain all of your stage machinery and stage equipment requirements.

Machinery and equipment for Theatre, Stage and Studio

Theatre, Stage and Studio Machinery and Equipment
Theatre, Stage and Studio Machinery