Portable Staging / Portable Stages

Theatrequip provide multi-purpose portable stages for events and venues which require temporary portable staging, including:

  • Portable stages for clubs and hotels
  • Portable stage U-shaped and Y-shaped Catwalks for fashion parades
  • Portable stage Step assemblies / choir risers for choirs
  • Portable stage Seating Risers
  • Portable staging for concert stage or spectator seating
  • Multi-purpose portable stage systems for schools, council chambers, halls, open air performances

Our flexible, portable stage systems and modules are suitable for any indoor or outdoor performance venues requiring height-adjustable portable platform staging.

Portable Stage Configurations
Portable Stage Configurations

Portable Stage System Configurations

Portable Stage System Modules

Portable staging modules are available in numerous shapes and sizes. 2m x 1m are standard, while other portable stage shapes and sizes are available on request.

Portable stage modules have a safe load capacity of 765 kg/m2 UDL.

Portable Stage Skirts & Curtains

Optional portable stage skirts and portable stage curtains kits can be supplied to provide a complete demountable stage package.

Portable stage drape and portable stage skirt dress kits also available for existing portable staging modules.

Legs for Portable Stages

Different legs for portable stages are available to suit all portable staging requirements including:

  • fixed height legs
  • adjustable height legs
  • leveling feet

Scissor action legs are also available for quicker multiple height portable stage installations.

Other Portable Staging Components

  • portable stage hand rails, chair rails, guard rails
  • portable staging steps / treads
  • portable stage risers and ramps
  • portable stage transport trolleys
  • portable staging leg braces and clamps