Molton (brushed cotton) is an opaque fabric, 100% NDFR light absorbing cotton with a brushed finish both sides.

NoteMolton is often considered a consumable fabric; however it can be used in light traffic areas for permanent stage and theatre curtain installations.

Molton - Black
Molton – Black
Molton - White
Molton – White
Molton - Grey
Molton – Grey
Molton - Blue
Molton – Blue
Molton - Green
Molton – Green


Weight: 310gsm
Composition: 100% Cotton
Flame Retardancy: NDFR
Width: 300cm
Thickness: 1.5mm (approximate uncompressed height)
Piece Length: 60m


Black, white, grey and chromakey (blue and green) (all colours in stock)

Cut size and bales in black, available ex-stock.
Cut size and bales in chromakey, white and grey currently by indent.

Other colours are available by indent.