Diffusion Cloth is offered as an inexpensive alternative to PVC screen surfaces – at least a third of the cost of a grey PVC. Diffusion Cloth works well in areas with controlled ambient light. Diffusion Cloth fabric is light and translucent, and used mainly for rear projection applications. As with any rear projection surface, the projector should be positioned to avoid a hot spot in the direct viewing area.

For best results the Diffusion Cloth fabric should be stretched, as it may hold creases. It is possible to press the fabric (cool iron).

Depending on curtain construction, Diffusion Cloth is washable.

Cut size and bales in white ex-stock.

Painted Diffusion Cloth
Painted diffusion cloth back drops for a museum exhibition,
Translucence allows soft rear flood lighting to mimic fade from day to night.
Comparison of Diffusion Cloth and grey rear projection PVC
Comparison of Diffusion Cloth and grey rear projection PVC

Close Weave Trevira CS

Diffusion cloth is a taffeta like translucent fabric, inherently flame retarded 100% Trevira CS with a slight sheen. Suitable for front and rear projection, available in white, 3.2m and 5.16m wide. Can also be painted and back lit.


Weight: 80gsm
Width: 320cm and 520cm
Composition: 100% Trevira CS
Flame retardance: IFR
Thickness: 0.14mm
Piece Length: 60m
Colours: brilliant white (stock), other colours by indent

Diffusion Cloth
Diffusion Cloth