Stage Scrims

Stage scrims are manufactured using either sharkstooth gauze, square gauze, or bobbinet.

Stage Scrim Construction

Generally stage scrims are sewn flat, though some tracked gauzes are headed (pleated) to 50% fullness. Base hems and attachment methods vary from item to item. Scrims are usually sized to suit the venue, however it should be noted that stage gauzes are very wide, typically 9 to 10m and as result heading length is usually kept under or around this size to minimise wastage and subsequent expense.


Scrims are generally sewn flat on to 50mm wide cotton webbing with eyelets and ties at 300mm spacing along the heading. 50mm un-reinforced side hems (can be reinforced and fitted with eyelets if side stretching is a requirement). The base hem of batten fixed scrims are usually fitted with a pipe pocket for bottom stretching. Tracked scrims have continuously chain weighted base hems.